University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

The University of Cooperative Extension Service recently overhauled its website making it even easier to navigate. It’s loaded with information tailored specifically to farming and ranching in Arkansas.

Mother Earth News

With more than a half million subscribers, Mother Earth News has become the recognized authority when it comes to sustainable living. Much like the magazine, the website is loaded with articles and videos on gardening, homesteading, renewable energy and much more. Mother Earth News also has state-specific Facebook pages to help you keep up with sustainable living events in your area. You can find  their Facebook page by searching for “Arkansas Community – Mother Earth News.”

Farm Hands Companion

An Arkansas-based website created by Gary “Pa Mac” McWilliams, one of the guest speakers at the South Arkansas Homesteading Conference. McWilliams said the purpose of his website “is dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and developing old-fashioned skills of the traditional farm.” After taking 20 years to complete his first homestead in rural western Tennessee, McWilliams returned to his native southwest Arkansas to start anew. This time, however, he’s  shooting video of each step of the process. You’ll find some very informative videos on making your own lumber (with a chainsaw!), building a pole barn, planting an apple orchard and more. Be sure to check out his “Links” tab for more great websites created by individual homesteaders. bills itself as “The Homesteader’s Free Library,” and it certainly lives up to its billing. You’ll find articles by various authors on just about any homesteading topic you can image. Once you get to the front page, be sure to click on the “Index of Articles” button at the top of the home page. That will take you to a page that lists subject areas on the left as well as an option to “Search by Topic” or “Search by Author.”

The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture is located in Poteau, Okla., just beyond the Arkansas border. The Kerr Center is constantly testing ways to implement sustainable agricultural practices for both gardens and livestock. The website provides a wealth of information on how to implement those practices, nearly all of which are geared toward small farms. Be sure to check out the events listing for the latest workshops that are being offered.