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Sizing A Solar Power Energy System For Your Home

Dr. Kate Shoulders says that the amount of power you use in your home will determine the size of the solar power energy system you’ll need. In this video she explains how to calculate the size of the system you’ll need

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Getting Ready to Go Off-Grid?

Dr. Kate Shoulders of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville said the first step to achieving energy independence is to assess how much energy your home is already using. By making your home as energy efficient as possible on the front end, Shoulders said you can save a lot of money on the back end [&hellip

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Not All Renewable Energy Sources Are Equal

Dr. Kate Shoulders, assistant professor in the Agriculture Education, Communications and Technology Department at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville says not all forms of renewable energies are created equal. One of Shoulders’ primary duties is to see which forms of  renewable energy (solar, wind and hydro) work best in Arkansas. To accomplish that goal, [&hellip

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